Premises rent

We offer you to rent premises in the newly-constructed High Technology Research Centre located at Mokslininkų St. 6 A, “Santara” Valley, Visoriai Information Technology Park.

The structure of the building will consist of three parts: of administrative, production and research laboratories, and storage use as well as underground parking area. The total are of the building amounts to 28,456.10 sq. m., 13,537.58 sq. m. of which is intended for experimental industrial purposes, 14,918 sq. m. — for public purposes and 5,441.17 sq. m. — underground parking area.

The layout of the building is modern and comfortable. On the ground floor, there is the main entrance accessible for people with disabilities. The lobby provides access to a cafeteria, administrative, industrial and storage premises. There will be the cafeteria for employees and a modern conference hall on the ground floor of the building. The building will be equipped with passenger and freight elevators.

The architectural expression of the building corresponds to recent construction opportunities and trends, and fits well in the current environment. Its architectural-composite decision is based on the idea to provide the building with modern impression using a combination of clear glass. In evenings, the facade and area will be lit up using special lighting. The area will be monitored by video cameras. Convenient access to the building via streets built earlier.

For more information, please contact us via telephone +370 698 54971 or e-mail: [email protected]