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What is the difference between disc duplication and replication?

Replication is a manufacturing process that creates CD/DVD/BD by moulding the disk to be an exact copy of the original master. Data cannot be added or changed in this case. Your data is physically pressed into the polycarbonate as the disc is being manufactured.

Duplication, on the other hand, refers to burning data to a disk, and is done using high speed CD/DVD writers, similar to those found in your PC.

It is worthwhile to replicate the discs if you need more than 300 copies, while disc duplication is a better solution when ordering less than 300 pieces.

What CD formats can you replicate?

We can replicate all CD formats: CD-Audio, CD-ROM, CD-EXTRA, PHOTO CD, VIDEO CD, etc. You can find detailed descriptions of CD formats here.

What DVD formats can you replicate?

We can replicate DVD-5, DVD-9 and DVD-10 formats.
You can find detailed description of DVD formats here.

What is the difference between silk-screen and offset disc printing?

The discs can be printed by silk or offset printing. If the artwork consists of few colours, there are no shades or colour transitions (i.e., text or a logo), we use silk-screen printing. If a design is rich of colours or contains shades, we use offset printing.

Note: CD-Rs always require only silk-screen printing.

How long does it take to produce CD/DVD production?

Order implementation terms depend on the complexity of Your order. Standard disk and package production terms are 7 working days. If a project is non-standard, the production time can take approximately 10 business days. Production delivery time depends on the recipient's address. These terms may slightly vary during the season, i.e., in December, when we have especially many orders.

Please start to schedule the production in advance in order to avoid hasty decisions and ensure timely production delivery.

What is Blu-ray Disc?

Blu-ray Disc (BD) is an optical disc format which was designed to restore high-definition video and to store large amounts of data. A size of Blu-ray disc is the same as a CD or DVD but is capable to store far more data.

One-layer BD can store 25 GB of data, double-layer - 50 GB, which is about 10 times more than DVD-5. CD devices use an infrared 780 nm wavelength laser; DVD devices use a red laser with a wavelength of 640 nm; Blu-ray technology uses a blue-violet laser (wavelength - 405 nm). The reduction of the laser wavelength has helped to increase focus accuracy and reduce a data unit (pit) size. This allows to store more information on the disc and to quickly retrieve it.

What Blu-ray Disc (BD) formats can you replicate?

We replicate BD-25 and BD-50 formats. You can find the detailed description of Blu-ray formats here.

What does Blu-ray Disc (BD) production price consists of?

Blu-ray uses AACS protection system (Advanced Access Content System), which is compulsory for the Blu-ray production. Blu-ray content owners (customers) pay an annual licensing fee to AACS Association, as well as a fee of each different title and royalty fee for each replicated BD disc.

Apart from the listed fees the final Blu-ray production price includes the costs for Blu-ray authoring, glass mastering, disc replication and package.

How long does it take to produce Blu-ray production?

Standard Blu-ray production lead-time is 10-15 working days since the submission of correct material and required documentation.

How should I prepare disc and packaging design?

Firstly download the appropriate design templates from our website. If you cannot find a proper template or Your package needs non-standard solutions, please contact Your manager.

Create the design on the proper templates with professional graphic design software. Image quality should be at least 300 dpi. Be sure to use CMYK colour scale, since we have to convert RGB scale to CMYK that results in colour change.

Please submit the final design in PDF format. You can send it directly to Your manager.

I am not able to provide my own artwork. What should I do?

If you don't have the ability to provide your own artwork, our professional graphic designers will be glad to do it for you. The price of this service depends on the scope and complexity for the project.

What technologies are used to produce the printed parts in the package?

The booklets and flyers of a small volume (below 300 copies) are printed with high quality digital printers. For bigger volumes of booklets and flyers, as well as for cardboard wallets and digipacks, we use traditional offset printing technology.

How can I submit a master?

You can send us a physical master recorded into CD-R/DVD-R/BD-R discs or to upload it to our FTP server.

What documents have to be signed before the production process?

Agreement. In order to begin the production process you need to sign the production agreement with BOD Group where you are introduced to the general terms and conditions as well as data submission requirements.

Order form. Before the production process is started the customer needs to sign the order form to confirm the selection and specifications of the project (quantity, dics format, package, etc.).

How should I pay?

New customers are obligated to pay in advance. For the regular customers we may apply the payment delays according to their creditworthiness.

You can pay the invoices by making a bank transfer. You can find our bank details on your invoice or here: company details.

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