2013 July

BOD Group moved to the new High Technology Centre at Mokslininku str. 6A, Vilnius.

2013 April

The Building Commission signed an act of completion with a statement that the new BOD Group Building in Visoriai IT Park is 100% suitable for use.

2013 March

BOD High Technology Centre won the “Tree of Life” statue.

2012 January

Equipment supply contracts with Singulus Technologies AG were signed in Solar Energy Technology Centre.

2011 August

BOD Group opens a Blu-ray disc production line in Vilnius which is the first in the Baltic States and Scandinavian region.

2010 December

UAB BOD Group is awarded “For the Largest Investment in Lithuania” by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania.

2009 June

UAB BOD Group replicates the first DVD with graphic mastering in its plant in Vilnius.

2007 March

Three new DVD production lines and mastering complex were started up in the BOD Group plant in Vilnius.

2006 January

New factory of CD’s and DVD’s and the Business Centre was open in Tallinn.

2005 May

The latest DVD line starts to operate in Vilnius factory.

2003 February

In order to protect the intellectual property we have signed manufacturing contract with Lithuanian Author’s Copyright Protection LATGA-A and NCB (Nordic Copyright Bureau).

2002 October

A new modern CD manufacturing factory is officially opened in Vilnius, Linkmenu str. 25. The new manufacturing complex was built according to the experience of leading manufacturers of Europe. This productive factory was built cooperating with German investments.

2001 October

BOD Group launched a new industrial manufacturing line SINGULUS (Germany).

2000 October

Company “Garsu Pasaulis” changes its name into joint - stock company UAB "Baltic Optical Disc".

1999 December

Company’s head office is opened in Vilnius, Antokolskio str. 13.

1999 February

The first CD industrial manufacturing factory opened of in Vilnius and the Baltic States. Here we produce CD-AUDIO, CD-ROM, CD-EXTRA, VIDEO-CD, PHOTO-CD discs.

1998 September

The joint-stock company “GARSŲ STUDIJA” was established in Vilnius. It is the first compact disc industrial manufacturing company in Lithuania and the Baltic States.