About BOD Group

BOD Group is the largest manufacturer of industrially pre-recorded CD, DVD, Blu-ray discs in the Baltic States and one of the most modern groups in Central and Eastern Europe, owning two plants in Vilnius and Tallinn. The total capacity of BOD Group plants in Vilnius (JSC "BRD") and Tallinn (AS “Baltic Disc“) is more than 70 million compact discs per year. In July 2011, at Vilnius "BRD" plant, we opened a Blu-ray Disc manufacturing complex which was the first in the Baltic countries and Scandinavia. We use the latest manufacturing equipment in our both factories. The skilled and experienced engineers work in order to ensure the best quality.

Our clients are well-known Lithuanian and foreign companies that use industrially manufactured CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs for advertising, work, and entertainment purposes. We export most of BOD Group output to neighbour countries – Latvia and Estonia. Moreover, we export to other European Union countries.

We have earned our customers’ trust based on ethical business principles. We are concerned about the intellectual property protection and transparent operations; therefore, we keep cooperating with responsible organisations. For more information:

Copyright and Patent Protection

We are trying not only to manufacture high quality Blu-ray/DVD/CD products at attractive prices, to implement outstanding customers’ ideas, and to develop unique projects, but also to take care of the environment and to minimize the environmental damage by the products manufactured.

In spite of a stable and growing strong position in the optical media market, BOD Group is expanding its activities in a new business area – renewable energy sector.

In July 2013, BOD Group moved to a new modern building of 29 000 square meters, where is also based the solar cells and modules experimental production complex. The first production release is scheduled in the end of 2013. The new solar technology cluster in Visoriai is also unique by the fact that it will not only produce solar cells and modules, but also will comprise the Research Centre of German solar equipment supplier “Sigulus Technologies AG”. Only four similar Singulus Research Centres exist around the globe. Upon combining forces of business and Lithuanian scientists, the Research Centre will conduct research and improve solar cells by patenting inventions and competing with global industry leaders.

Our goal is to simplify our clients’ daily operations and business processes.

Our tasks cover more than only disc manufacturing. In the rapidly changing technologies market our priority is to become a reliable partner for our clients. We work in order to minimize our clients’ risks and ensure the highest quality in supplying goods and services.

Knowledge and Experience: We do it for more than 17 years in sake of innovation, determination and best quality service.

Quality in everything we successfully expand the optical disc manufacturing and cooperate with the leading West European companies in this field: TECHNOTRANS, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES, MARABU, RUCCO, BAYER AG, MORTON, GENERAL ELECTRIC (Germany), NETSTAL (Switzerland), and AXXICON (the Netherlands).

Our team Skilled and experienced engineers work in order to ensure the best quality. Customer service department ensures that You are treated as our team member. We are flexible and responsive for You to feel secure and your clients to get the best services.

Partnerships and coordination : We recognize that strong partnerships is a key aspect to maintain the market share and growth in rapidly changing environment in CD/DVD/Blu ray market. Our priority is to become a reliable partner for our clients to simply their business processes and assist them to maintain their business positions and increase competitive values.

To deliver the best service possible to assist our clients in easing and maintaining their competitive advantages, while preserving the highest quality standards throughout the supply-chain processes, and while leading the way of socially-conscious business.

To become the leading supplier in the music and video B2B industry, offering the “one-stop” sales point service with the highest quality optimized solutions in CD/DVD/Blu- ray production and high – value added packaging solutions.


  • Strict confidentiality
  • Strict quality control in supply-chain grid
  • Commitment with the clients
  • Customized approach
  • Professional behavior
  • Wishes of constant growth
  • Build Open and Honest Relationships with stakeholders